Are you a passionate photographer ready to get out of your own way and finally create a profitable business full of clients who love you and your style?


A 12-month group coaching program designed to help dedicated photographers like you develop and refine your marketing, sales, and technical skills to become the only option for your potential clients, and book higher packages right off the bat.


I’m curious… 

Have you ever found yourself being inspired by other photographers’ style, packages or pricing only to find out that when you try to do the same it doesn’t work as well? And on top of this it leaves you feeling like an imposter? 


I get it, but...

What I’ve observed in my 18+ year career as a photographer, is that there are two ways people choose to grow in this field: 


  1. School. Learn theory and history of photography. Practice on made up assignments. Little to no business, marketing, and sales training. 
  2. DIY. Learn what you find for free on YouTube and FB groups. Trial and error your way into hopefully creating yourself a career.


And unfortunately… 


Neither sets you up for success because it doesn’t give focus on what you actually need. 


Which is why you come back to comparing yourself to what other photographers are doing. It’s a vicious cycle I’ve seen too many photographers get stuck in.


But what if I told you that there’s a better way?


…being 100% confident in your work, marketing, and sales processes and consistently booking dream clients who upgrade their packages because they want what you have to offer.


…finally having created your own unique niche and style that sets you apart from other photographers and newspapers and media want to write about you because you’re finally using your distinct voice.


…celebrating your business growth while becoming friends with many of your clients because you hit it off so well when working for them.


…letting your creativity unfold without fiddling with the technical stuff because your camera gear in now an extension of your mind.


…no longer feeling like an imposter because you have a steady, experienced mentor that you can confide in and get the support that you need when you need it.


All of this (and more) is possible for you!


But it’s not going to come as a result of…

  • Doing what other photographers are doing to try and get the results that they’re seemingly getting. 
  • Spreading yourself too thin by having too many offers and feeling like you have to keep saying YES to “bread and butter” shoots at the expense of what you really want to be doing.
  • Constantly competing on price.

What you need is a clear growth strategy that’s specific to you, your style AND your business.

"Eirik helped me think about my pricing in a new way. Now I'm charging what my work is worth."

- Charlotte Garvo

Here’s the thing:

If you specialize within one field, and become the expert within that niche, you’ll leave all the “bread and butter” photographers behind.

You can focus on doing your own thing, and that’s where the dream clients come running down your door (I’m talking about those clients who truly value what you do!) 

What if I could show you how to find your own unfair advantage that sets you apart and lets you build your business sustainably without feeling like you’re missing out on opportunities?

What if:

  • you're no longer being distracted by what everyone else around you is doing, and instead, feeling clear and confident in growing your business your way? 
  • you start waking up to inquiries from dream clients who want to work with you because of your distinct style?
  • you end each client meeting with clients booking your highest package?


A comprehensive, one-stop incubator that helps you become the successful photographer you aspire to be 


...strategically focusing on the 4 main pillars you need, to create a profitable, steadily growing business and have fun while doing it.


Grow As A Person & Dare To Be Fully Yourself

Personal development to help you break free from societal norms and disempowering beliefs,

Cultivate a supportive environment, and develop creative confidence to dare to be yourself.


Take The Guesswork Out Of Your Business & Book Dream Clients Consistently

Marketing, sales, products, client communication, systems and workflows.

Master the business side of things and increase your revenue.


Find Your Style & Stand Out In a Bold Way

Honing in on your distinct voice that you will be known and loved (and paid!) for.

Learn to express yourself fully without any inhibitions - and being proud of it.


Master Your Equipment & Edit Like A Pro

Photography. Flash. Editing.

All the technical aspects of photography are covered to give you 100% confidence in your own work.




An ever expanding library of no fluff video tutorials, courses and resources to help you uplevel your skills that you can start implementing straight away.

Bi-weekly LIVE Group Coaching Sessions with Eirik to help you shorten the learning curve, solve problems faster and focus on key things that will make the most difference for YOU based on what you want to achieve.

LIVE constructive critique of your images to help you see things in your work (you might not currently be aware of,) so that next time you’re in a similar situation you know what to look out for, and why.

Strategic feedback on your marketing, sales and business assets to help you communicate your offer more effectively and get better results.

Different creative and business building challenges, intentionally designed to put you outside of your comfort zone and have fun as you grow.

Access to a growing community of like-minded photographers all over the world so you can connect, collaborate, form friendships, and keep each other accountable.

Exclusive perks and discounts on softwares and products to use in your own business to maximize sales and efficiency.

“I didn’t expect the group coaching sessions to be that interactive and got happily surprised when Eirik got involved with my specific questions and problems.”

- Linda Hagewick


👌🏼 You're an ambitious photographer who wants to earn your living from photography and you’re willing to get uncomfortable in the process (great, I built this just for you!)


👌🏼 You know you're built for more, but you don't know how or where the path goes from here (according to my students, I help them connect the dots they didn’t even know they had.) 


👌🏼 You have a passion for photography and people (and a burning desire to deepen your relationship with both.)


👌🏼 You’re coachable, growth-oriented and want to learn from other people's mistakes and want guidance from someone who is where you want to be (be ready for real-talk.)


👎🏼 You want a quick and easy fix to become successful (psst… there’s no such thing, and anyone promising this is selling you fluff.)


👎🏼 You’re joining The Vault without watching the courses or attending any group sessions and expecting better results (it doesn’t work that way. You actually have to make changes to see results.)


👎🏼 You’re seeking praise and approval for how awesome you are (inside The Vault you’ll be praised for your achievements, but vanity measures are useless in creating a profitable business.) PS: You’re awesome!


👎🏼 You’re not ready or willing to put in the work needed to become a successful photographer (see number 2.)


€750 annual payment

(Total €750 per year)


€375 per quarter

(Total €1500 per year)


Who's behind The Vault?


Hey, there! I’m Eirik Halvorsen. I’m a destination wedding photographer based in Norway that has photographed weddings and couples in 11 different countries. It wasn’t always that way, though. You see, I started photographing bands and concerts back in 2005, and went through phases of photographing models, business headshots, and seniors. I even worked a full year in a newspaper, and that is where I truly started to understand what photography actually is.


I so badly wanted to become a full-time photographer, but nothing really clicked (no pun intended, haha.) It wasn’t until my own wedding in 2012 that I experienced a huge paradigm shift. My wife and I hired an American wedding photographer, and I suddenly understood that you can become a specialist within one niche, travel around the world, meet fantastic people, and call it a job.


After I started pursuing wedding photography I’ve built a business that averages €7500 per client in revenue, and have photographers shooting under my brand. I’ve had hundreds of students going through my courses, workshops, and mentoring programs, many of which work as full-time photographers today. 


So, let’s look at my vanity measures (since it matters to some): I’ve won awards, judged awards, been featured on blogs in more than 10 different countries, done keynote presentations on photography conferences in Europe and The USA, been interviewed in countless newspapers, on podcasts, and on live, national TV and live radio. I’m also a proud ambassador of QT Albums, Pixellu, AfterShoot, and Studio Ninja.


The Vault is a culmination of my photography and business education where you’ll get direct access to me, my knowledge and my experience.



Today I booked a wedding at my newly increased price. I have been very insecure and uncertain whether anyone wanted to book at a higher rate, but they did! On top of that I had my first product sales call with a client and I sold thank you cards, two 30x40 framed prints and an album!

Øyvind Sæbø

Eirik truly cares about your progress and puts a lot of effort into your discussions, making sure that you're always walking away with value! He is genuine, honest, and transparent, and will guide you in identifying your goals and create a process in which you can actually achieve desired results.”

Svetlana Albrecht

“Eirik is like an open book. You can ask him anything and everything, and no questions are stupid.
I.e. technical things I was too shy to ask anyone else, he explained in great detail. He really takes time to make sure I understand.

Annett Rek

"The fact that Eirik enjoys teaching and mentoring really shines through, and you can’t help but be inspired too! He is patient and has a way of explaining things to make everything easy to understand."

Jessica Jager

I learned things I didn’t know I needed to know, and now I have much higher confidence. Eirik is full of knowledge, and has a great ability to make sure I understand every step.”

Johanna Möller Arntzen

"I was at a crossroad and needed a guide to help me make the right choices for my continued path. Eirik helped me understand my challenges and made me see things from a different perspective."

Frank Surdal

“Eirik has taught me how I can reach out to new clients in a new area. I recently moved to the other side of the country, and he helped me with making my website better. He also taught me about SEO and why it’s important. It’s been invaluable for me to have someone to hold me accountable for the goals I’m setting for my business. He made me think bigger and helped me get out of a dip I was stuck in.”

Charlotte Garvo

“I love how he’s pushing me outside of my comfort zone and to have a positive view on life. He has introduced me to the photography community in Norway which means a lot to me. Eirik has taught me to dare to be the photographer I want to be - not just do what every photographer does. I think that to love what you are doing is the biggest source to grow, and that is where Eirik has helped me to blossom. I have gained more respect for myself as a person and as a photographer.

Lillian Nordbø

Eirik wants us to succeed for real. He puts his heart and soul in his work and the success for each of us. This passion of his is not only apparent through the quality of the educational material he offers, but also in the way he interacts with each of us individually. Eirik is more like a mentor and supporter than “just a guy who recorded a few tutorials for this platform.

Marte Bjørgum


If you made it this far on the page and are still on the fence, I think the biggest obstacle in your life is struggling to make a clear decision (about anything.) Does that resonate? I’m not a mind reader, but I just might have struck a nerve within you.

The decision to join The Vault should either be a “Hell no!” or a “Hell yes!” If you dabble in between you can group together with every other mediocre photographer who struggle to get their businesses up and running. 

I challenge you to step up and make a choice! 


The best time to join The Vault was yesterday. 

The next best time is NOW.